How Piddle Patch Works

Piddle patch is an easy to use and low-maintenance dog toilet solution. Here’s how to use it in 5 easy steps:

Piddle Patch is ordered online.

Step 1: Order your Piddle Patch online.

Your grass will be harvested fresh to order and delivered to your door via a 24 hour courier.


Take lid off Piddle Patch but leave the grass in the box.

Step 2: Remove the lid from the box and place Piddle Patch in your dog’s designated toilet area. 

Do not remove the grass from the base of the box. Remove any pee pads / alternative dog litters from the area so as not to confuse your dog.


Finding the perfect spot

Step 3:  Teach your dog that Piddle Patch is their new toilet area. 

When Piddle Patch arrives, introduce your dog to Piddle Patch. When it’s time for your dog to eliminate, bring them to Piddle Patch and use your usual command to instruct them to “go pee” or “do their business” etc.  Do not feed your dog or offer them treats while they are near Piddle Patch as they may become confused about the purpose of Piddle Patch.



Step 4:  Remove any solid waste from Piddle Patch.

Piddle Patch requires minimal maintenance. Urine is absorbed naturally into the thick root system. Solid waste should be collected and disposed of; most people collect the waste using toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.



Step 5: Replace when required.

The lifespan of your Piddle Patch will depend on a number of factors including the frequency of use, the potency of your dog’s urine, and whether you provide any additional care to your Piddle Patch. Most dogs get up to two weeks use out of a Piddle Patch before replacing it, however many owners prefer to keep their Piddle Patch fresh by replacing it on a weekly basis.