By signing up for a Piddle Patch subscription service, you’re removing the hassle of purchasing toilet solutions from the stores, cleaning up accidental messes and, most of all, ensuring that your dog, and home, is always filled with fresh, healthy grass.

We recommend that you replace your grass every one to two weeks. This will require the least amount of upkeep on the grass, while ensuring the best quality of grass for your dog and home. However, if you’d like to prolong the life of your grass, here are some tips for maintaining it.

Healthy grass requires:

Access to sunlightRemove the lid as soon as possible on the day of delivery. If at all possible, keep your grass in an area where it has some access to natural light.

Water – Watering your grass regularly will help to keep it fresh and strong. Dehydrated grass will look less plump, less green and straw like.

Occasional trims – Keeping the grass at a suitable length not only helps the grass to stay healthy, but helps Piddle Patch stay a suitable environment for your dog. This is because some dogs, especially some smaller dogs, dislike the feel of grass along their belly, so this may deter the dog from using Piddle Patch. To trim your grass, use scissors or small shears. To maintain healthy grass it is recommended to cut off only the top third of the grass blade each time. Clear the cuttings off of Piddle Patch. Remember to clean your hands and disinfect the tools you use after trimming the grass.

What to do if:Piddle Patch from above

The grass is yellowing – this is a sign that your grass needs natural light. In an ideal situation, Piddle Patch will be placed in an area where it will have periodic access to light throughout the day. However, if this is not possible, try to give your Piddle Patch access to sunlight at a time when your dog will not require it.

A white substance appears suddenly on the grassThis white substance is a form of mildew.  It generally only occurs if you continually remove and replace the lid of the box.  Therefore we recommend that the lid is removed for the first time after delivery as soon as possible and that the lid is NOT replaced back on top of the grass.  If mildew has appeared, this can easily be removed by wiping your grass softly with a biodegradable baby wipe or a slightly damp paper towel.

There are bugs in the grass – While we take every possible care to ensure there are no bugs in the grass, they can occasionally be found. These bugs are harmless and can simply be vacuumed up.