How to transition a stubborn dog from a wee wee pad to a fresh grass dog toilet

While most dogs intuitively know how to use their Piddle Patch grass, some dogs take a little while to warm up to change. Here is a tried and tested strategy to help transition a dog from using wee wee pads to a fresh grass dog toilet:

1. Put Piddle Patch where the puppy pee pad normally goes. Put a pee pad on top of the grass. Encourage your dog to use the pee pad that is on top of the grass.

2. After they have successfully done that, remove the pad and replace it with a pad that has been cut in half. 

3. Cut the second half of the puppy pad you just used in half again so the pad is now only a quarter in size. Place it on the grass. Encourage them to relieve themselves.

Once your dog has gone through these steps, they should have no problem using Piddle Patch without a puppy pee pad.