Sale! A small Piddle Patch is available for a limited time only.

Limited Time Offer – Single Piddle Patch (Original Size)

£30.95 £23.95

For a limited time only, buy one of the last remaining Piddle Patch boxes at a hugely discounted price. Our grass is grown here in the UK and harvested fresh for your order.

These boxes are sized at 57 (l) x 43 (w) x 5 (h) cm and are lined with a water- resistant liner.

Free shipping to mainland UK.

This is a limited time offer – once the boxes are gone, they’re gone! 

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FREE UK DELIVERY (mainland only).

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 57 x 43 x 5 cm

For delivery on a Wednesday:

Order with us: Friday by 12 noon

For delivery on a Friday:

Order with us: Monday by 12 noon


Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 57 x 43 x 5 cm