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Piddle Patch is the UK’s environmentally-friendly dog toilet solution made entirely from biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Piddle Patch
Piddle PAtch

Convenient & Easy

Delivered directly to your door as a one-off or on subscription every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks.

Mess-Free Solution

Our grass is grown in a liquid retentive mat, instead of soil, to extend the lifespan of the grass and prevent muddy paw prints from being tracked in your home.

Dog Safe

Our grass is grown without pesticides or harmful chemicals, and contains no toxic plants or flowers.

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Eco friendly

Piddle Patch and its packaging are made from biodegradable and recyclable materials.

Made Locally With Love

Each Piddle Patch is grown right here in the UK, over a period of 14 months, and harvested fresh for your order

Effective & Intuitive

Helps dogs learn to potty only on the grass. As a natural product, many dogs recognise its natural, earthy scent and know intuitively how to use it!

Try the fresh grass dog toilet
everyone is raving about!


Harvested fresh & delivered to you

for your puppy pad blues


Did you know that puppy pee pads take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill?

At only 8 weeks old, your puppy will pee every 2-3 hours around the clock. That means if you’re living in an apartment or home without easy access to grass, you’ll be sending over 80 non-degradable puppy pads to landfill in your first week alone as a new puppy owner!

Piddle Patch is on a mission to deliver a natural toilet solution that teaches dogs right from the very start to only go potty on the grass (and not on your rug or other household textiles) while reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

We’re proud to say we’re the UK’s first, and only, soil-free, real grass dog toilet, and we’re on a mission to give your dog the best potty solution around.

Piddle Patch
is the ideal solution for

Toilet Training

Teaches your pooch to relieve themselves on grass only.

Apartment-based Dogs

Perfect for those with zero or limited access to a grassy area.

Rain cloud

Fussy Piddlers and Poopers

A more comfortable option for dogs that don’t like dropping squats in rain, snow, ice, or frost.

Fussy Piddlers

Small Bladders

Ideal safeguard against non-stop urination.

Poorly Pooches

Helpful if your pup is recovering from surgery, infection, or illness.

Piddle Patch

The expert seal of aPOOval!
dog trainer recommended. Vet approved.

Oli Juste, Celebrity Dog Trainer & Behaviourist, podcaster

Piddle Patch will make toilet training your puppy so much easier and faster.

Using a Piddle Patch from the word go means you can, 1) have super easy & quick access to a patch of grass (great for flats, balconies, etc.) and avoid accidents. And 2) you don’t send mixed messages by starting toilet training using puppy pads, then move to a different, new surface as the dog is starting to learn.

A puppy waiting to be fully vaccinated, difficult to no access to an outside space are only two of the many cases when I recommend Piddle Patch to my clients.

Lorenzo Barichella, dog trainer at Training Dog

I recommend Piddle Patch to my clients as it drastically increases the speed and the success rate of house training.

The formula is very simple: Piddle Patch + professional advice + consistency in the owners’ guidance and routine = quick and effective house training. In some cases, it’s almost like magic!

Piddle Patch is a great solution for puppies, and also for older dogs that cannot hold their bladder for long, adult dogs that aren’t completely house trained and dogs that become confused after moving home.

Dr Rory Cowlam, Veterinarian, author, TV Personality

Piddle Patch is exactly what I was looking for when I got my puppy in a flat. Using so many plastic backed puppy pads made the eco-warrior in me cringe, so finding a natural alternative that lasts so much longer was an absolute winner!

Kimberly Freeman, award winning dog trainer at City Sit Stay

Introducing a Piddle Patch to your Puppy is a great way of introducing good toilet training habits from an early age. Setting your dog up to succeed is so important, and a piddle patch can really help your dog make good toileting choices.

Piddlepatch are perfect for puppies, senior dogs, dogs with mobility issues, and those humans who like to give their dog indoor toileting choices

It’s Easy-PEEsy
here’s how it works

A natural choice

Make the natural choice

Dogs love our soil-free, real grass dog toilet, because it encourages their natural instinct to go potty in nature. Purchase one or sign up for a subscription and take a task-off your to-do list by having one delivered every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. It’s easy to do and you can cancel at any time!

Always a fresh box

We’ll harvest your Piddle Patch fresh for your order and deliver it direct to your door. Each Piddle Patch is grown, harvested, and prepared with care, and delivered to your door via a next day delivery service.

Enjoy a simpler life

Place your fresh grass dog toilet into your desired location, and introduce your dog to their new dog toilet. Check out our training tips, and allow your dog to answer nature’s call whenever they need! When your new Piddle Patch is delivered, simply dispose of the old and replace it with the new.


Housetrained: Mr Floofsy’s Story

Why dogs love us
and their parents trust us

Safe & Secure

Shop with peace of mind, using the world’s most popular and secure payment methods.


We offer free shipping across mainland UK.

Customer service

When you purchase Piddle Patch, you’ll also have access to our training guides, and custom support if required.

Don’t just take our word for it
Check out what our customers say

We have had our puppy for a week. I was so concerned as living in a London flat is not ideal! However, our puppy immediately went to the toilet on piddle patch! Hardly any accidents and not even used a puppy pad yet! Piddle Patch is a life saver for City living! Thanks Rebecca for such amazing service. You have made our life very easy and for that we are truly grateful!!

Kate Brewster

I love Piddlepatch! It’s worked really really well and my 6 year old Maltese prefers using it over puppy pads. There’s no seeping (even after 3 weeks) and the grass absorbs all waste and odours. My dog knew exactly what to do with it the moment it arrived, so no long training sessions necessary! I’m a regular buyer of this, it’s honestly made my life tons easier!


The Piddle Patch was great for George (a pug) when he was a young puppy. Our office is on the 4th floor and so it really helped us! Now George is 7 months old he has decided that vertical objects such as walls and lamp posts are more his thing, but up until now he regularly used the Piddle Patch

Phil B

Great product. My dog loves to use the piddle patch. The fresh grass doesn’t smell like astro turf does after a few used. As I use it outdoors on a patio and find the real grass also doesn’t attract foxes.

Cameron Judd

Overjoyed! Puppy training stress free a instant hit with my 8 week old Khaleesi. No more mess. No more puppy pads in four days! Now to train her not to eat the curtains.

Ben Downward

Amazing product, efficient service and delivery. Took my dog Boo a couple of days to use and it’s a lifesaver living in an apartment. Thanks so much for this fantastic business. Would highly recommend it to everyone!

Katie Coo

Mable has been easy to toilet train with her Piddle Patch. It’s an easy solution for your doggy’s toilet needs if you are living in an apartment like me. Great service and product!

Sue Sadler

Our 11 month old puppy. Buzz, had to have surgery on his leg and then restricted activity during his recovery. It’s been 5 days since the op and Buzz was getting a big down being cooped up. Since his Patch arrived, his mood and appetite has been boosted up again. He’s used it quicker and better then any puppy pad. His tail literally has not stopped wagging.

Keri Mason


Meet some of our Piddle Patch puppers


Real grass for cats

Would your indoor cat benefit from its own real grass patch?

Now your cat can have all the benefits of outside grass from the comfort of their own home, balcony, or catio space.

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