Is this the real grass dog toilet from BBC Dragons' Den?

Yes!  On 13 January 2022, Piddle Patch was featured on BBC Dragons’ Den and received offers from four out of five dragons, before accepting an offer from Steven Bartlett!

Piddle Patch is the UK’s original and only soil-free, real grass dog toilet.

As a small, independent business, Rebecca is excited by this new chapter in the Piddle Patch story alongside BBC Dragons’ Den investor Steven Bartlett.

Is Piddle Patch made from real grass?

Yes! Piddle Patch is 100% real, natural grass. Our grass is grown in a liquid retentive mat made from recycled textiles instead of soil. This helps to extend the lifespan of our grass and prevents your dog from tracking muddy paw prints through your home.

How often do I need to change the grass?

How frequently you change the grass depends on a number of factors, such as the size and age of your dog as well as how frequently it’s being used. Here are some guidelines on what to expect based on other customer usages. Please note that your results may vary and these are guidelines only:

New Puppies New puppies tend to use their Piddle Patch grass intensively every few hours around the clock for the first couple of weeks. For this reason, a new puppy will typically need its Piddle Patch grass changed more frequently. Owners typically refresh their puppy’s fresh grass dog toilet every 1-2 weeks for the first few weeks and reduce the frequency, or discontinue use, as their puppy grows.

It is recommended that the grass be removed from the box and placed into a non-chew tray while used with a puppy to ensure a leak-proof house-training experience.

Small dogs using Piddle Patch indoors This result is the most variable in part due to the owner’s preference. Small dog owners tend to change their indoor Piddle Patches every 1-4 weeks, with 2 and 3 week subscriptions being the most common.

Large dogs Large dogs tend to have much larger pees and often benefit from having a larger potty area. Many owners choose to use two Piddle Patches, instead of one. This allows them to rotate the grass, if one patch is used more frequently than the other, and to replace only the Piddle Patch that needs to be refreshed. 

Outside Use Piddle Patch Grass used outside on a balcony or terrace tends to last longer due to its regular access to natural light. It’s not uncommon for Piddle Patch grass used outside to last 3 weeks to several months before it needs to be replaced. Providing your grass with some shelter, so that it does not become over-saturated in the rain or overheated in the sun, will help to keep your grass healthy and strong.

Still unsure about how to proceed? A good way to get started and gauge the lifespan of your grass is to order a one-off delivery or to sign up for a subscription and adjust it as needed. It’s easy to log in to your account and change the frequency of your Piddle Patch delivery once you have a subscription. You can also contact us at info@piddlepatch.com for assistance and special requests.

Find out more about how to take care of your Piddle Patch fresh grass dog toilet.

Do you use toxic chemicals or pesticides on the grass?

No! Our grass is grown with dog welfare in mind. We do not use any pesticides or toxic chemicals on the grass to ensure the health and safety of your dog and household.

What is the size of each Piddle Patch?

Each Piddle Patch box is 66 x 48 x 5 cm and weighs approximately 6 kg. The weight of each Piddle Patch can vary from shipment to shipment depending on the amount of water content in the grass and whether a non-chew metal tray has been sent with the box.

Where is Piddle Patch grass grown?

We grow our grass right here in the UK! By purchasing a Piddle Patch, you’re helping to support small business and British agriculture.

How many dogs can use a Piddle Patch?

A single Piddle Patch has been designed for use by a single small to medium-sized dog.

Multiple dogs, and larger dogs, are likely to require you to use multiple Piddle Patches, or to change your grass more frequently.

Putting Boost Absorbent wooden pellets underneath the mat may help with absorbency. It’s difficult to predict exactly what your usage would be like as it will be down to a number of factors like how many dogs will be using the grass and how frequently it’s used, the breed (and size) of your puppies, and your own personal preferences.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss this before ordering, please get in touch.


Do I need to buy a tray for the grass?

The grass is shipped in a cardboard box that has a water-resistant coating in the base which is suitable for shipping. Piddle Patch is designed to be used in a tray. We do sell a tray for customers who do not have an existing suitable tray solution available.

Why is real grass better than artificial turf?

While artificial grass may seem like a fuss-free solution, it can come with a lot of challenges. First, many dogs simply don’t like artificial turf and refuse to use it. Beyond that, artificial grass requires a lot of maintenance and regular cleaning using harsh chemicals to ensure it is kept in a hygienic condition. While urine may drain through the grass into a tray beneath it, you’ll need to drain and clean the tray and grass frequently to prevent odours from building up. Furthermore, as dog waste is highly toxic, you’ll need to ensure that the bacteria is treated using disinfecting chemicals. If not carefully treated and rinsed, these chemicals can pose a health risk to your dog, who will walk on the grass and may ingest them while grooming.

Why shouldn't I just buy grass from my local garden centre?

A Piddle Patch real grass potty pad offers a number of benefits over the grass you’ll find at your local garden centre.

Grass grown in soil, as you’ll find at the garden centre, has a short lifespan when it’s not planted into the ground and will begin to wilt and die within about 48 hours. By growing our grass in a liquid retentive mat, Piddle Patch grass has a medium from which it can continue to grow strong and healthy. It’s a living product!

The lack of dirt in our grass also means that you don’t need to worry about soil and mud making a mess in your home.

Our grass is grown with dogs and their humans in mind. We do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides on it so you can relax in the knowledge that our natural grass dog toilet is safe for your home. 

How do I clean my Piddle Patch?

Piddle Patch is a low-maintenance litter solution. Urine drains naturally from the surface, however solid waste must be removed and disposed of.

For best results, we recommend removing your Piddle Patch from the packaging and placing it into our non-chew metal tray. While the base of the box does have a water-resistant liner, it is not suitable for long term, regular, or outdoor use, and will eventually degrade. If this happens, it may impact the quality of your grass, cause the box to become soggy, leak, or smell.

A metal tray will provide peace of mind knowing that your floors are protected and that you’re able to water your Piddle Patch or drain it, as needed.

When you are ready to dispose of your Piddle Patch, simply remove the entire product and place it into the garden waste collection (where Councils allow) or place it into the general waste collection.

Read more about how to care for your Piddle Patch grass.

How environmentally friendly is Piddle Patch?

Piddle Patch is committed to producing the best possible product for your dog, your home, and the environment. Our mission is to provide a solution that dogs and their owners love while reducing the amount of non-decomposable waste being sent to landfills. When disposed of correctly, Piddle Patch is a zero-waste product!

We take every care to ensure Piddle Patch is made from the best quality components and that Piddle Patch positively benefits the environment:

  • Our grass is grown in the UK using LEAF – Linking Environment and Farming principles – for sustainable agriculture.
  • We divert textiles from landfills and re-purpose them as a base from which our grass grows. Not only does this give our grass a thick, healthy root structure from which it can live and grow while not planted in the ground, but it helps to reduce waste and lower the carbon impact these materials would otherwise have if they were sent to a landfill.
  • We carefully select all of the components we use in our products to ensure they are either biodegradable or recyclable. The box, paper packing tape and paper materials can be recycled.
  • Piddle Patch is delivered to your door via our preferred courier, DPD, which commits to comply with all current and future environmental legislation and to minimise pollution and any adverse environmental impacts their work causes.
  • We partner with independent UK businesses to source our materials and products locally.
What are the environmental benefits of using Piddle Patch instead of puppy pads?

Dogs love real grass and many instinctively know what to do with a Piddle Patch!

As a natural product Piddle Patch is good for your dog and good for the environment.

Piddle Patch is 100% biodegradable and its packaging is biodegradable/recyclable. If disposed of into the garden waste collection (where Councils allow) Piddle Patch can be safely transformed into compost or converted into energy via anaerobic digestion!

In contrast, dog training pads are made from non-recyclable materials that take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill. That means it could be possible for your children’s children, children (up to 23 more times) to one day find your dog’s training pad and uncover their waste still preserved inside. Gross!

What is Piddle Patch shipped in?

Piddle Patch grass is shipped in a box that has a water-resistant coating inside of it. This coating will help protect the box during transit.

Please remove the lid from your Piddle Patch box as soon as you are able upon delivery, and place it in the tray.

Piddle Patch works best when it is placed inside of a tray. We recommend that you purchase a metal tray with your first order if you do not have an existing tray solution.

How do I prolong the life of the grass?

Placing your dog’s Piddle Patch in an area with natural light, and lightly misting it with water on occasion can help to prolong the life of your Piddle Patch.

There are a lot of factors that can impact how much water your grass will need, such as the temperature outside, how much sunlight it’s getting, how much water is in the base of the mat at any given time etc.

In the colder months, your Piddle Patch will retain water for much longer and may only need to be misted on occasion using a spray bottle.

In the warmer months, it may be necessary to water your grass more frequently to prevent your grass from drying out.

To do this, try to water it lightly and consistently across the grass. You do not want to dump water onto it or give it so much water that it becomes over-saturated, but just enough that it is lightly watered across the mat.

If your dog has a diet high in protein, which can cause their urine to have a strong smell or to burn the grass, then misting the grass with water after they urinate can help to dilute the nitrogen in their urine. Please see our training guide on what to do if your dog’s urine stains the grass for more information on this. 

Some dogs do not like the feel of longer grass, in which case you may want to consider trimming your Piddle Patch or replacing it when the grass becomes too long.

Why does the colour of my grass change between orders?

Piddle Patch is made from real grass, which is subject to natural variations in texture and thickness, as well as in the colour and length of the grass. 

Various factors affect the appearance and lifespan of the grass, including the time of year, exposure to heat, cold and sunlight, under-watering and over-watering, how often it is used by your pet and the amount of urine to which it is exposed.   

All of these factors will affect both the appearance and usable life of the product. 

This is normal for a product made from natural grass and does not mean that it is faulty.

Is Piddle Patch available in different sizes?

Each Piddle Patch is 66 x 48 cm and weighs approximately 6 kg. The weight of each Piddle Patch can fluctuate depending on the amount of water content in the grass. 

We tested a larger size Piddle Patch but the challenge is that it becomes very heavy to lift and carry, and to remove and dispose of when it’s time to replace it with a new Piddle Patch.

What actually works best is to put two Piddle Patches together to create the extra space you’re looking for, and to swap out each Piddle Patch individually as necessary. This also allows you to rotate the grass if your dog prefers using one area in particular and to only replace Piddle Patches as needed, instead of the whole unit.

If you are looking for a smaller size, it is possible to cut your Piddle Patch to size using scissors. The best way to do this is to turn your grass over and to draw the outline of the size you need against the mat so you can make sure that you cut to the correct size. Piddle Patch is a living product, and with the right care, the second part of your Piddle Patch grass will continue to grow and thrive when not in use. 


My Piddle Patch had a white substance on it when I opened the box. What is it?

On rare occasions, when you open your Piddle Patch box, you might find a fluffy white substance on your Piddle Patch.

It is a form of mildew, called white powdery mildew. It is not toxic to dogs, humans, or your household and can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

It can be caused by humidity and/or changes in temperature (from warm to cold, and cold to warm) and by the enclosed space and lack of air circulation while the grass is in the box during transit.

Essentially, in the right weather conditions, we can put your Piddle Patch in the box and by the next day the lack of air circulation and light, combined with the humidity and sudden change in temperature, can encourage it to grow.

After you have removed the mildew with a damp cloth, take your Piddle Patch out of the box and place it into your dog’s usual toilet area, where it will have more light and better air circulation. This will allow the issue to resolve itself without any impact on the grass lifespan, usage, or quality.

My box was delivered on it's side, but the writing says says to keep keep it flat. Is it ruined?

No! Piddle Patch grass is extremely durabl and robust.

There is a certain amount of water content in the grass which ensures that the product that makes it to you is fresh, strong, and healthy. We ask for the courier to lay the box flat so that the risk of the water leaking out the sides and damaging the box is decreased. 

Even when this happens, the grass itself is almost never impacted.

With all Piddle Patch deliveries, when you receive your grass, please take it out of the box and place it into a tray for usage.

It’s important to note that the box is for transit purposes only and is not a replacement for putting the grass into a tray.



How often do you ship out Piddle Patches?

Piddle Patch grass is harvested fresh for every order. We ship orders out three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and those orders are sent out via a next day courier service. 

To ensure customers always receive a freshly harvested Piddle Patch, we have an order deadline for each shipment date. This works as follows:

Place your order by:

  • Monday at 12 noon for your order to be sent out on Wednesday via a next day courier service.
  • Wednesday at 12 noon for your order to be sent out on Friday via a next day courier service.
  • Friday at 12 noon for your order to be sent out on Monday via a next day courier service.

You can also pre-order a Piddle Patch for dispatch on a particular date, by selecting your preferred shipment day at the checkout. This feature can be particularly helpful for new dog owners preparing for the arrival of their puppy.

Piddle Patch accessories such as the wooden frame and Boost pellets are shipped weekly on Tuesdays only, with a next-day courier.

What if I'm not home when the delivery is made?

You are able to provide specific delivery instructions, including a safe place to leave your parcel, or a neighbour to leave it with, using the DPD App.

Due to the nature of the product, we recommend that all customers download the DPD App to facilitate a smooth delivery process.

I missed the order deadline, can I get my order delivered in the next shipment anyways?

If you have missed the order deadline, it may still be possible to have your order included in the next shipment.

We prepare a few extra Piddle Patches for each dispatch day, and these are allocated to customers on a first-come, first-served basis.

All orders are allocated by the night before the dispatch day. We are not able to accommodate same-day dispatch requests at this time. 

To submit a request for one of our extra Piddle Patches, please email us after you have placed your order and provide us with your request and order number. We will notify you of whether we are able to accommodate your request. If we are not able to accommodate your request, then you can have your order shipped out on the next dispatch day or have your money refunded.  

At this time, we are not able to ship orders on days that are not our dedicated dispatch days. This is because Piddle Patch is a time and labour intensive product to create and harvest. 

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order at any time before the order deadline, by logging into the website or sending us an email, to receive a full refund.

Once the order deadline has passed, we cannot guarantee a full refund can be provided as the product will have already been harvested and prepared for your shipment.

The order cut-off time is:

Monday at 12 noon for dispatch on Wednesday
Wednesday at 12 noon for dispatch on Friday
Friday at 12 noon for dispatch on Monday

You can also check your order confirmation note to verify the dispatch date you scheduled at the time of your order.

Due to the perishable nature of the product, once the order has been dispatched, it cannot be cancelled.

Non perishable products can be cancelled, or returned to us. Read more information on our cancellation policy.

I have a subscription. How do I see when my next order is due?

You can access your order by logging into the website. From here you can see when your next payment is scheduled to come out. This payment will trigger your order to be dispatched on the next Monday or Wednesday dispatch day.

If your payment comes out before Friday at 12 noon, then your next dispatch will be on the following Monday, via a next day courier service.

If your payment comes out after Friday at 12 noon and before Monday at 12 noon, then your order will be dispatched on Wednesday.

If you have any questions or need any support with managing your account, then please contact us.

There's a problem with my order, what should I do?
If there is a problem with your order, please email us with photos and a description of the issue to info@piddlepatch.com.
Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, of course! Please contact us at info@piddlepatch.com indicating the dates when you want your subscription to be paused and re-started and we will coordinate this for you. 

If you have already received an email indicating that you have an order being prepared, it may be too late to pause your current order. Please contact us as a matter of urgency and we will do our best to support you. 

Please note that we are unable to pause, recall, or refund orders once they have been prepared and sent out.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or if you require any support.

Where do you deliver?
Piddle Patch offers free delivery across mainland UK. We offer 2-day (from ship date) to Northern Ireland for a flat rate of £3.
My order hasn't been delivered, what should I do?
The best way to manage your deliveries is through the DPD App.

Please remember that your Piddle Patch is a perishable product and it is best to act quickly to resolve any issues that may arise. Please do not wait several days before contacting DPD and notifying us if there is a problem.
I have a concern or a complaint, what should I do?

If you have a concern or a complaint about your order, please send us an email to info@piddlepatch.com within 24 hours of delivery and be sure to include:

  • Your order number
  • A description of the issue
  • Photos of the problem

Please do not throw the product away or refuse a delivery, as it may be necessary for you to return it to us or provide further details about the issue.

Please note that we cannot replace or refund orders that do not follow the complaint process and provide photographic evidence or a return as necessary.


What is your return and refund policy?

Our fresh grass products are perishable and cannot be resold. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund Piddle Patches that have been harvested and delivered to customers.

Once the order cut-off has passed, we cannot guarantee a full refund on perishable products can be provided as the product will have already been harvested and prepared for your shipment. We will endeavour to find a customer for your order and will confirm whether we have been able to accommodate your request.

If there is a problem with your Piddle Patch, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery at info@piddlepatch.com with your order number, a description of the problem, and photos documenting the issue.

If there is an issue with your delivery, please contact us for support at info@piddlepatch.com

For non-perishable items, you are able to cancel your order and request a refund or exchange if the products we have supplied are faulty or misdescribed, or if you change your mind within 14 days of placing your order. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping.

What are your opening hours?

Our customer service team works Monday to Friday between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. We aim to respond to your question within one business day.

Please note that our Piddle Patches are prepared and picked-up by the courier outside of these hours. Cancellation requests made after the order deadline and outside of our office hours might not be possible.

My delivery has been delayed. Will my Piddle Patch be ok?

We ship all orders via a next-day delivery service.

We guarantee the date your order is shipped out on but we cannot guarantee that the delivery is made on the expected date of delivery as we use a third-party delivery service and, on occasion, events outside of their control arise. Fortunately, 99% of our deliveries are made on a next day basis.

Should I worry if my Piddle Patch has been delayed?

Thankfully, Piddle Patch is a living product and has been known to last over a week in transit without any impact to its lifespan or efficacy.

What should I do if my delivery is late?

Keep an eye on the courier’s delivery messages for updates on your delivery. Make sure you act quickly in case more information is required from you.

We also strongly recommend that you provide instructions to your courier on what to do if they have been unable to find or reach you. These instructions might include “What 3 Words” which allow the courier to pinpoint your exact location, or it may include notes on what to do if you cannot quickly get to the door for your delivery.

Please also contact us with any questions or concerns.