How to take care of your Piddle Patch grass

Though the grass doesn’t need any extra care, there are certain measures you can take to ensure you get the most out of your Piddle Patch. The lifespan of your Piddle Patch can change depending on a variety of factors, including the age and breed of the dog, the time of year, and the frequency of usage. With that being said, you can always get a little extra out of your Piddle Patch by following these easy steps.

Take the lid off the box as soon as possible

If you keep your grass enclosed in the box for too long, the lack of fresh air can result in moisture problems, in the form of white powdery mildew. Fortunately, this is not a toxic substance, and can easily be wiped away with a cloth.

Give your Piddle Patch access to sunlight

On top of this, a lack of sunshine can result in yellowing grass. You can reverse this by simply giving your grass access to sunlight (you should see an improvement over the course of a few days).

Water your patch regularly

Watering your grass regularly will help to keep it fresh and strong. Dehydrated grass will look less plump, less green and straw-like. Use a bottle with a misting function so as not to over-water the grass.
It’s difficult to say exactly how much water your grass will need each week as there are a lot of factors that can go into it such as the temperature outside, how much sunlight it’s getting, how much water is in the base of the mat at any given time etc.  
In the winter, Piddle Patches kept outside will not need to be watered frequently and should be watered with caution. This is because the grass retains moisture for longer than it does in the summer. Excess water in the grass can result in over-saturation, which can impact how well the grass functions.

In the spring and summer, you may need to lightly water your grass more frequently. If your Piddle Patch starts to look a little dehydrated, instead of spritzing your grass you can try providing it with a light drink a few times a week. To do this, try to water it lightly and consistently across the grass. You do not want to dump water onto it or give it so much water that it becomes over-saturated, but just enough that it is lightly watered across the mat. 
It is important to note that when using your Piddle Patch outside, it is recommended that you should place it in an area where it can be protected from the rain in order to prevent the grass from becoming oversaturated. If your Piddle Patch does become oversaturated, please drain the excess fluid from the tray so that your grass can dry.

Use a tray

While the box has a water-resistant coating in the base, it’s only suitable for transport and for short-term, light use. The integrity of the box will eventually start to degrade with time and moisture, and this can impact the quality of your grass, as well as lead to a soppy or leaky box. Putting your grass into a tray prevents your box from leaking, allows you to easily drain excess fluid that may accumulate in your grass, and prevents a wet box from stinking up your home. 

Using a tray also makes it easier for you to ensure the right level of moisture content is in your grass. You can water your grass without concern of a leak in the box, and if your grass becomes oversaturated (from urine, over-watering, or rain) then you can tip out the excess fluid and wipe down your tray. 

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Clean the tray when necessary

For best results, please clean your tray before replacing an old Piddle Patch with a new one. You may also decide to clean it on occasion if you have a longer subscription, to help keep it fresh, although this is not required.

Box of Piddle Patch grass