Our Commitment To The Environment

Piddle Patch is committed to producing the best possible product for your dog, your home and the environment.

Our mission is to provide a solution that dogs and their owners love, while reducing the amount of non-decomposable waste being sent to landfills and minimising the carbon impact of dogs and their owners. When disposed of correctly, Piddle Patch is a zero-waste product!

We take every care to ensure Piddle Patch is made up from the best quality components and that Piddle Patch positively benefits the environment:

  • Our grass is grown in the UK using LEAF – Linking Environment and Farming principles – for sustainable agriculture.
  • We divert textiles from landfill and re-purpose them as a base from which our grass grows. Not only does this give our grass a thick, healthy root structure from which it can live and grow while not planted in the ground, but it helps to reduce waste and lower the carbon impact these materials would otherwise have if they were sent to landfill.
  • We carefully select all of the components to ensure they are either biodegradable or recyclable.
    • Piddle Patch grass can be placed into the garden waste collection, where Council’s allow, where it will be composted into nutrient rich soil.
    • The box, paper packing tape and paper materials can be recycled.
  • Piddle Patch is delivered to your door via our preferred courier, DPD, which commits to comply with all current and future environmental legislation and to minimise pollution and any adverse environmental impacts their work causes.


Founder and Director of Piddle Patch

I started this business because I believe our dogs deserve a natural toilet solution, instead of the chemical-laden options currently on the market. I was tired of looking at ugly, smelly puppy pads, and of worrying about what would happen if they were chewed up one day. 

Piddle Patch has been developed with your dog’s welfare in mind, and with a goal to do better for our pooches, and the planet. 

My commitment to you is to offer the best possible product and service. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, feedback, or if you need any guidance or support.

My commitment to the environment is to ensure each part of Piddle Patch, from the grass to the packaging, is carefully produced and sourced to ensure a safe and environmentally-friendly product for your pooch.