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Our MPs recently voted that animals cannot feel pain or emotion and, as such, they have decided not to to include animal sentience into post-Brexit law. This is a huge step backwards for animal welfare in the United Kingdom.  Eighty per cent of animal welfare legislation in the UK currently comes from European Law, but this will no longer apply in the UK as of March 2019.


“Animals are not objects. Much like us, animals are sentient beings and aware of their feelings and emotions. Their lives matter to them and they have the same capacity to feel joy and pleasure, as well as pain and suffering.” – RSPCA

While this is a set-back, there is still a chance the House of Lords can change the bill and recognize animal sentience as part of British law.


Here’s what can you:

UK MP’s vote against animal sentience

Dogs enjoy using Piddle Patch

Why Piddle Patch is better than puppy pads for the environment

Does your dog use pee pads? While they may be cheap, they’re incredibly bad for the environment and they can teach your dog a multitude of bad habits (such as peeing on rugs and other surfaces that resemble puppy pads). By giving your dog a fresh grass dog toilet, you teach your dog to only go potty in grassy areas, and do your part for the environment by reducing unnecessary waste going to landfill.

Did you know?

  • Piddle Patch is Britain’s first (and only) fresh grass pet toilet. It’s an innovative solution that dogs and their owners love!
  • Piddle Patch significantly reduces the amount of non-decomposable waste being sent to landfills and minimises the carbon impact of dogs and their owners.
  • Piddle Patch is a zero-waste product when disposed of properly. Used Piddle Patch grass can be put into the garden waste collection or composted and used as fertiliser on non-food crops and it’s packaging can be recycled.
  • Piddle Patch is grown in textiles that have been diverted from landfill. This helps reduce textile waste and lowers the carbon impact these textiles would otherwise have if they were sent to landfill.
  • All of the materials – from the labels to the delivery wallets and packing tape – have been carefully selected to ensure they are eco-friendly and either biodegradable or recyclable.
  • Puppy pads take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill. During that time, bacteria from the puppy pad can seep into the local waterways and contaminate surrounding grounds.


Would you rather a puppy pad or a fresh grass dog toilet?

Piddle Patch is the UK’s environmentally friendly alternative to puppy pads.



A Piddle Patch customer talks about her experience house-training her puppy using Piddle Patch

While bringing home a puppy is an exciting time, knowing how to get them house-trained can be daunting. There are so many choices to make and questions to ask – should you give your new pup a puppy pad? Will that confuse your dog into urinating on rugs and towels? How often will they need to go potty? How do I teach them what to do? The questions can be overwhelming.

Sophie found that using Piddle Patch helped to speed up the process of house-training her puppy, Amber.

Sophie says that she expected house-training her puppy to be much harder than it turned out to be and she puts that down to giving her dog Amber a toilet solution she already knew and understood – fresh grass! Check out her testimonial below*:

Video Testimonial:

It made my life so easy, it really made my life easy. I thought ‘oh hang on a minute, what’s everyone going on about? About puppy training’. I was warned it’s going to be a nightmare, you’re going to be up all hours, there’s going to be messes around the flat. And there wasn’t. It really wasn’t difficult at all. It was the case of showing it to her, she was happy with it because it was something she understood and knew, and then just helping her along for a few days and then she literally just using it off her back. There was no issue. I would 100% – and I mean this, which is why I’m doing this – I would 100% recommend using Piddle Patch. Spread the word because it’s worth every penny.

Watch more about Sophie’s experience house-training her puppy using Piddle Patch.

*Sophie was not paid to endorse Piddle Patch. She is an actual customer and her testimonial was provided on a voluntary basis.

With thanks to Sophie Bradley for sharing her photo of her gorgeous puppy Amber.

House-training a puppy using Piddle Patch

Here’s why Sophie house-trained her puppy using a fresh grass dog toilet

I recently met up with Sophie who has been using Piddle Patch to house-train her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Amber. Sophie lives in a flat in London and wanted to give her puppy a grassy area to go potty on the balcony. During our meeting, Sophie agreed to let me film a testimonial on her experience using Piddle Patch. This is what she had to say*:

Video transcript:

We were amazed actually and other people have been amazed at how quickly she’s transitioned to use outside. The only messes that she’s made is because of my misunderstanding and not reading her signs that she wanted to go for a wee. We have the Piddle Patch as a sort of backup system. So when it’s been really bad rain, we’ve had bad bad weather of late, she’s been frightened by the rain and not wanting to go out, so we’ve used the Piddle Patch. And it doesn’t smell, we haven’t had any flies on it even though we’ve had it out the balcony. I can maintain it enough by spraying water on it as well which regenerates it enough, she doesn’t get dirty as it’s made from textiles as well so she doesn’t come in with dirty paws and her paws don’t smell actually. So I would wholeheartedly recommend it, and have!

Watch Sophie’s testimonial on how she found the process of house-training her puppy.

*Sophie is a genuine Piddle Patch customer and she was not paid to give this testimonial.

With thanks to Sophie Bradley for her photo of her gorgeous pup Amber.

How to take care of your Piddle Patch grass

By signing up for a Piddle Patch subscription service, you’re removing the hassle of purchasing toilet solutions from the stores, cleaning up accidental messes and, most of all, ensuring that your dog, and home, is always filled with fresh, healthy grass.

We recommend that you replace your grass every one to two weeks. This will require the least amount of upkeep on the grass, while ensuring the best quality of grass for your dog and home. However, if you’d like to prolong the life of your grass, here are some tips for maintaining it.

Healthy grass requires:

Access to sunlightRemove the lid as soon as possible on the day of delivery. If at all possible, keep your grass in an area where it has some access to natural light.

Water – Watering your grass regularly will help to keep it fresh and strong. Dehydrated grass will look less plump, less green and straw like.

Occasional trims – Keeping the grass at a suitable length not only helps the grass to stay healthy, but helps Piddle Patch stay a suitable environment for your dog. This is because some dogs, especially some smaller dogs, dislike the feel of grass along their belly, so this may deter the dog from using Piddle Patch. To trim your grass, use scissors or small shears. To maintain healthy grass it is recommended to cut off only the top third of the grass blade each time. Clear the cuttings off of Piddle Patch. Remember to clean your hands and disinfect the tools you use after trimming the grass.

What to do if:Piddle Patch from above

The grass is yellowing – this is a sign that your grass needs natural light. In an ideal situation, Piddle Patch will be placed in an area where it will have periodic access to light throughout the day. However, if this is not possible, try to give your Piddle Patch access to sunlight at a time when your dog will not require it.

A white substance appears suddenly on the grassThis white substance is a form of mildew.  It generally only occurs if you continually remove and replace the lid of the box.  Therefore we recommend that the lid is removed for the first time after delivery as soon as possible and that the lid is NOT replaced back on top of the grass.  If mildew has appeared, this can easily be removed by wiping your grass softly with a biodegradable baby wipe or a slightly damp paper towel.

There are bugs in the grass – While we take every possible care to ensure there are no bugs in the grass, they can occasionally be found. These bugs are harmless and can simply be vacuumed up.

5 ways Piddle Patch is good for the environment

It’s no secret that the world’s limited resources are starting to run out. While loveable and wonderful, dogs are not excluded from the list of environmental offenders. In fact, it’s been alleged in one study that a medium sized dog has a larger carbon footprint than a gas guzzling SUV!

That’s why we’ve developed an environmentally friendly alternative to dog training pads and a product that helps to minimise your dog’s impact on the environment.

Here’s 5 environmental benefits to choosing Piddle Patch.

  1. Provides a natural solution. The most immediate environmental benefit you’ll see from your Piddle Patch can be found in the home. Unlike a dog training pads, Piddle Patch is a natural product and offers a number of secondary benefits to it’s immediate purpose as a fresh grass dog toilet. Many studies highlight the psychological benefits of plants which includes decreased depression and anxiety, and greater life satisfaction. A 2009 study found that “plants brightened up the room environment, reduced stress, and also conveyed positive impressions”.
  2. Diverts textiles from landfill. Our soil-free grass is grown in textiles that have been diverted from landfill. This process extends the life of our grass and creates a thick root system which helps to drain urine away from the surface of each Piddle Patch. In contrast to turf grass from a local garden centre, which needs to be planted within 48 hours or else it dies, our grass lasts between one to two weeks before it requires replacing (variance comes down in part to frequency of use, strength of the dog’s urine, and any care provided to Piddle Patch).  In addition to the benefits the textiles offer the product, it also helps us to reduce the carbon impact these resources would otherwise have if they had simply been sent to landfill after their first use.  According to WRAP UK, one tonne of reused textiles “can result in a net GHG saving of 8 tonnes CO2-eq net…As well as the carbon benefits, there are parallel resource and energy savings as a result of this reuse activity” .
  3. Benefits the local environment. Our grass is grown using LEAF – Linking Environment and Farming – principles. This means that our team works hard to ensure best environmental practices are undertaken and that the growth of our grass enriches the environment.
  4. Eliminates garbage. Piddle Patch is the only natural and environmentally friendly toilet solution in the UK. Unlike pee pads, which take 500 years to decompose in landfill and leachate harmful toxins into the local environment, Piddle Patch and it’s packaging are 100% biodegradable/recyclable. After use, Piddle Patch can be composted (for use on flower-beds and non-edible produce only). In some regions, it may also be possible to place Piddle Patch into your garden waste collection where it will be treated and converted into compost. Piddle Patch packaging can be recycled.
  5. Supports British agriculture. Piddle Patch grass is in the UK and harvested fresh for each order.  By ordering Piddle Patch, you’re benefiting the local environment, supporting local business, and investing in the British economy.