Taking care of your Piddle Patch grass in the winter

11th December 2021

Ask any dog owner about the least enjoyable time of year to walk their dog, and we bet you’ll hear one answer again and again – winter. While we love our canine companions, walking when it’s dark, cold and miserable doesn’t exactly fill us with excitement. Not only is winter a challenging time for owners, but many dogs dislike going out when it’s cold and wet, too.

That being said, dog owners know how important it is to stick to a routine and ensure dogs are exercised, get enough opportunities to go toilet, and are content – whatever the weather. 

Why Piddle Patch is great for winter

While most dogs will tolerate a walk in the rain or snow, it can be uncomfortable for very small breeds or those without extra cold protection. If your pet is used to going to the toilet on grass and doesn’t want to go outside, they might be tempted to hold their bladder, which can lead to discomfort and accidents. Piddle Patch is a fresh grass dog toilet that can tide them over until they’re ready to get back into the great outdoors. 

Ideal for those cold, dark mornings and evenings, and for those without a green space of their own, Piddle Patch can be your dog’s natural place of solitude for potty breaks, especially if you live in a flat with a balcony or don’t have a lawn in your garden.

Similarly, if a new dog has just joined your family and you’re undertaking puppy toilet training, Piddle Patch can be a helpful, eco-friendly puppy pad during the winter months to help you out with those night-time toilet trips.

Whether you use your Piddle Patch as an indoor puppy toilet training pad, a balcony dog toilet or to protect your lawn, you will need to spend a little extra time taking care of it in winter. Just as gardeners will move certain plants into greenhouses, dig out the garden fleece and cut back perennials, there are a few things you should do to look after your Piddle Patch fresh grass dog toilet during the winter months.

Place the Piddle Patch in a non-chew metal tray

Piddle Patch is shipped in a cardboard box with a water-resistant coating, but it isn’t suitable for prolonged periods of use outside. Adding on a non-chew metal tray to your order will help to ensure a leak-proof toileting experience, and will keep your Piddle Patch dog toilet somewhat protected from the elements. It’s easy to drain and clean between uses, or after a heavy downpour.

Minimise exposure to water

If your Piddle Patch is left outside without protection, it can become oversaturated and the grass will start to die. If possible, keep your Piddle Patch close to the door and away from the far side of a balcony or wide-open space in your garden; both for the comfort of your dog, and to offer the Piddle Patch some level of protection.

If your grass puppy pad does become sodden, remember to drain the excess fluid from the tray so your grass can dry out.

Piddle Patch shelter ideas

It will take longer for any rainwater or snow to evaporate during the winter, so it’s a great idea to shelter your Piddle Patch from the elements. 

Your shelter doesn’t have to be complicated – an umbrella, patio table or pop-up greenhouse cover can be an affordable and effective way to protect your Piddle Patch.

Credit: @rachwelham / @billie_bow_boston

If you have the time and the skills, you could get really creative and build a bespoke wooden structure, like one of our amazing customers.

Credit: @dachshund.london

If in doubt, bring it inside

If you know that bad weather is expected and you can’t find adequate cover, it would be worthwhile bringing your Piddle Patch inside your home until it subsides. Place it in an area with natural light, occasionally misting it with a spray bottle.

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