Never miss your Piddle Patch delivery, with the help of the DPD App

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be rolling your eyes at the idea of downloading yet another app onto your phone.

But hear me out!  The Your DPD app is really helpful when it comes to making sure you get your Piddle Patch deliveries. 

Not only does it keep you up to date with the progress of your delivery, but you can send information directly to the courier so they know what to do with your package if they can’t reach you for any reason.

Have a safe space where they can leave your package, no signature required, so they don’t take it back to the warehouse on you? Leave the details in the app.

Have a kindly neighbour who can take it in (or one to make sure to avoid)? You guessed it! Leave the details in the app.

Will they need a key code to get into your building?  Again, leave it in the app.

Or maybe there is a DPD drop off point at a local shop around the corner that you find easy to get to? Make your preferences known in the app and make sure DPD don’t take it back to that central storage area on the other side of town that’s an utter pain to get to. 

I know it sounds like I’m pushing the app… and that’s because I am. I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in delivery success for those customers who take a few minutes to download the app and input a few instructions for the courier.

And perhaps one of the best things is that you only need to fill in these details once, and they’ll apply to all of your DPD deliveries moving forward. 

It’s a no brainer! 

Get the Your DPD App and say goodbye to frustration, and hello to your latest Piddle Patch delivery. 

Find out more and download the app