New Puppy Checklist : 12 Puppy Essentials!

11th May 2023

Becoming a new puppy parent is one of the most exciting times of being a dog owner. While you want to make sure you have all the relevant paperwork and vaccinations sorted. You don’t want to forget the little things that might have slipped your mind. Take a look at New Puppy Checklist and tick off all 12 of these Puppy Essentials

New Puppy Checklist: The 12 things that are Puppy Essentials!

Here is our list of all the things you’ll need when you bring your new puppy home, why not make a list and tick them off as you go!

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1) Crate/Bed & Blankets

Sleep is one of the most important puppy essentials. Your pooch is being introduced to a whole new world. And, due to puppies’ inquisitive nature, it can be a tiring old time! Providing your pooch with somewhere warm, comfortable and safe to sleep should be a top priority.

It is recommended that puppies begin life within a crate. This is so they associate bedtime with their bed. If your puppy is allowed to wander the house at night, this can lead to all sorts of complications. It can also lead to your puppy struggling to recognize what they call ‘their bed’.

2) Piddle Patch for toilet training

Toilet training is an essential skill for your puppy to learn. If it’s your first time house-training a puppy, it may seem overwhelming. However, with encouragement, the right tools, and a consistent routine, your pup will be house-trained in no time.  We recommend getting yourself a fresh grass, Piddle Patch Starter Pack which will set you up with everything you need to start your toilet training journey. Each starter pack includes a sustainable, real grass dog toilet, and a non-chew metal tray to keep it in!

Using a Piddle Patch is a great alternative to using puppy pads. It’s like bringing a piece of the park home for your dog! It also helps to teach puppies right from the start to go to the toilet on grass and not on puppy pads or other household textiles. A Piddle Patch is a natural, full sensory experience for your dog. Unlikes puppy pads, which are made with harsh chemicals and single use plastics, our fresh grass dog toilet is a sustainable and natural experience your dog will love! They also help you to reduce the amount of single use plastics – which can be considerable when house-training a puppy – that you send to landfill. A soil-free, fresh grass toilet is not only good for your dog, but it’s good for the planet too! 

Do you have some more questions about the toilet training process? Take a look at our Expert Guide on How to Toilet Train a Pup Fast. You’ll find our step-by-step guide on how to get your pooch through to toilet training graduation ASAP!

Boost Absorbent Pellets for Piddle Patch

3) Food & Water bowls

This may be stating the obvious, but food and water bowls are absolute Puppy Essentials.  When it comes to food and water bowls, nothing fancy is required. If they can hold food, and provide water, they’ll do the job. Your new pup will be using a great deal of energy, and will require meals at regular times to keep them going and growing. Remember to make sure you have a regular supply of fresh water accessible to your puppy. 

4) Complete Puppy Food

Now you’ve got the food bowl, you’re going to need something to fill it with. When it comes to your pup’s food, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different brands to choose from. A complete dog food is one which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals your pooch needs to stay healthy. 

Unsure of what vaccinations your pooch needs? Take a look at our Expert Guide on Vaccinations & Preventative Healthcare. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about your furry friend’s healthcare

5) Collar and Tag

Did you know? By law, in the U.K. your pup needs a collar with a tag that has your name and address on it. This is a requirement in case your pooch goes missing. Whilst this might not be on your mind initially, it’s something you absolutely need. Make sure you tick this off your New Puppy Checklist, and get ahead of the game. Also bear in mind, as your pup starts to grow, you will need to buy new collars according to their size!

6) Lead & Harness

Once your pooch is ready to get out into the great outdoors, you’re going to need a lead and harness. Having a lead and harness is one of the most important puppy essentials, for when your pooch is walk ready. The lead you choose is entirely up to you, different types work for different dogs and owners. We’d highly recommend using a harness over a collar when walking your pooch. A harness is better for your pooch because they won’t experience throat pain if, and when, they pull on the lead. 

7) Car restraint

Keeping your pooch safe while on the move is definitely something you should be ticking off your New Puppy Checklist. You wouldn’t let a friend or a family member jump in your car without a seatbelt – so don’t let your dog! 

8) Lots of toys

No matter what breed of pup you have, they all need one thing; entertainment! All puppies tend to have bundles of energy, and inquisitive minds. Having a variety of toys is essential to keep your pup occupied, interested, and learning about the world. Your puppy will no doubt have their favourites, but this can change regularly. So, having lots of toys at your disposal, and rotating them on a regular basis, is a great way to stop your pup from getting bored. 

9) Poo bags

Now, this is just the sort of thing that might slip your mind when gathering supplies for your new pup, but dog poop bags are one puppy essential you definitely need to cross off that new puppy checklist. You may not be able to take your pup out of the house when you first take them home. But, as soon as your pooch has completed all their vaccinations, they’ll soon be out and about. Picking up your pup’s poop is part of being a responsible dog owner. We’d recommend getting yourself some biodegradable dog poo bags in the interest of sustainability. 

10) A brush or comb for grooming

Brushing your pooch regularly is essential for a healthy coat. Brushing your dog has the following positive effects: it removes dead hair, distributes natural oils around their coat, gets rid of dry/dead skin, and stimulates the surface of their skin. Grooming your dog is also a great way to familiarise yourself with your new four-legged friend. 

11) Toothpaste and toothbrush

Not just an everyday essential for you, your pooch needs their pearly whites polishing too! Cleaning your new pup’s teeth is a new puppy essential you simply can’t forget. There are a variety of products on the market, from dental sticks to traditional toothbrushes. We’d recommend a trial and error approach here to see what suits your pup the most!

You know what puppy essentials you need, but you might be worried about your pup’s health? Take a look at our Guide on How to Tell if Your Puppy is Healthy. Remember, a healthy puppy is a happy puppy!

12) Dog shampoo

When it comes to most puppy’s top 3 dislikes, bath time is probably the number one for most. That being said, it can be essential to bathe your furry friend from time to time. The amount of baths a pooch will need, depends on the breed. For example, longer haired breeds are more likely to need more baths than short haired dogs. The earlier you can get your pooch in the bath, the more comfortable and confident they’ll be with bathing. 

Puppy Essentials – Final Thoughts

There you have it, your New Puppy Checklist done and dusted! Ensuring you have everything on your list is essential for raising a happy, healthy pup. While it may be easy to forget some little bits and pieces, preparation is key! We hope that this guide will help you to potty-train your puppy and wish you all the best on your journey with your new best friend.

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