A Piddle Patch customer talks about her experience house-training her puppy using Piddle Patch

6th November 2017

While bringing home a puppy is an exciting time, knowing how to get them house-trained can be daunting. There are so many choices to make and questions to ask – should you give your new pup a puppy pad? Will that confuse your dog into urinating on rugs and towels? How often will they need to go potty? How do I teach them what to do? The questions can be overwhelming.

Sophie found that using Piddle Patch helped to speed up the process of house-training her puppy, Amber.

Sophie says that she expected house-training her puppy to be much harder than it turned out to be and she puts that down to giving her dog Amber a toilet solution she already knew and understood – fresh grass! Check out her testimonial below*:

Video Testimonial:

It made my life so easy, it really made my life easy. I thought ‘oh hang on a minute, what’s everyone going on about? About puppy training’. I was warned it’s going to be a nightmare, you’re going to be up all hours, there’s going to be messes around the flat. And there wasn’t. It really wasn’t difficult at all. It was the case of showing it to her, she was happy with it because it was something she understood and knew, and then just helping her along for a few days and then she literally just using it off her back. There was no issue. I would 100% – and I mean this, which is why I’m doing this – I would 100% recommend using Piddle Patch. Spread the word because it’s worth every penny.

Watch more about Sophie’s experience house-training her puppy using Piddle Patch.

*Sophie was not paid to endorse Piddle Patch. She is an actual customer and her testimonial was provided on a voluntary basis.

With thanks to Sophie Bradley for sharing her photo of her gorgeous puppy Amber.