Here’s why Sophie house-trained her puppy using a fresh grass dog toilet

6th November 2017

I recently met up with Sophie who has been using Piddle Patch to house-train her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Amber. Sophie lives in a flat in London and wanted to give her puppy a grassy area to go potty on the balcony. During our meeting, Sophie agreed to let me film a testimonial on her experience using Piddle Patch. This is what she had to say*:

Video transcript:

We were amazed actually and other people have been amazed at how quickly she’s transitioned to use outside. The only messes that she’s made is because of my misunderstanding and not reading her signs that she wanted to go for a wee. We have the Piddle Patch as a sort of backup system. So when it’s been really bad rain, we’ve had bad bad weather of late, she’s been frightened by the rain and not wanting to go out, so we’ve used the Piddle Patch. And it doesn’t smell, we haven’t had any flies on it even though we’ve had it out the balcony. I can maintain it enough by spraying water on it as well which regenerates it enough, she doesn’t get dirty as it’s made from textiles as well so she doesn’t come in with dirty paws and her paws don’t smell actually. So I would wholeheartedly recommend it, and have!

Watch Sophie’s testimonial on how she found the process of house-training her puppy.

*Sophie is a genuine Piddle Patch customer and she was not paid to give this testimonial.

With thanks to Sophie Bradley for her photo of her gorgeous pup Amber.