5 ways Piddle Patch is good for the environment

27th February 2017

It’s no secret that the world’s limited resources are starting to run out. While loveable and wonderful, dogs are not excluded from the list of environmental offenders. In fact, it’s been alleged in one study that a medium sized dog has a larger carbon footprint than a gas guzzling SUV!

That’s why we’ve developed an environmentally friendly alternative to dog training pads and a product that helps to minimise your dog’s impact on the environment.

Here’s 5 environmental benefits to choosing Piddle Patch.

  1. Provides a natural solution. The most immediate environmental benefit you’ll see from your Piddle Patch can be found in the home. Unlike a dog training pads, Piddle Patch is a natural product and offers a number of secondary benefits to it’s immediate purpose as a fresh grass dog toilet. Many studies highlight the psychological benefits of plants which includes decreased depression and anxiety, and greater life satisfaction. A 2009 study found that “plants brightened up the room environment, reduced stress, and also conveyed positive impressions”.
  2. Diverts textiles from landfill. Our soil-free grass is grown in textiles that have been diverted from landfill. This process extends the life of our grass and creates a thick root system which helps to drain urine away from the surface of each Piddle Patch. In contrast to turf grass from a local garden centre, which needs to be planted within 48 hours or else it dies, our grass lasts between one to two weeks before it requires replacing (variance comes down in part to frequency of use, strength of the dog’s urine, and any care provided to Piddle Patch).  In addition to the benefits the textiles offer the product, it also helps us to reduce the carbon impact these resources would otherwise have if they had simply been sent to landfill after their first use.  According to WRAP UK, one tonne of reused textiles “can result in a net GHG saving of 8 tonnes CO2-eq net…As well as the carbon benefits, there are parallel resource and energy savings as a result of this reuse activity” .
  3. Benefits the local environment. Our grass is grown using LEAF – Linking Environment and Farming – principles. This means that our team works hard to ensure best environmental practices are undertaken and that the growth of our grass enriches the environment.
  4. Eliminates garbage. Piddle Patch is the only natural and environmentally friendly toilet solution in the UK. Unlike pee pads, which take 500 years to decompose in landfill and leachate harmful toxins into the local environment, Piddle Patch and it’s packaging are 100% biodegradable/recyclable. After use, Piddle Patch can be composted (for use on flower-beds and non-edible produce only). In some regions, it may also be possible to place Piddle Patch into your garden waste collection where it will be treated and converted into compost. Piddle Patch packaging can be recycled.
  5. Supports British agriculture. Piddle Patch grass is in the UK and harvested fresh for each order.  By ordering Piddle Patch, you’re benefiting the local environment, supporting local business, and investing in the British economy.