Piddle Patch benefits


Give your puppy a real grass dog toilet

Our soil-free real grass dog toilet is the intuitive, eco-friendly solution you’ve been looking for. 

Teach your dog to relieve themselves on the grass and not on textiles like pads or your rug. 

The housetraining tool you’ve been searching for

Here’s why our real grass patch is the ultimate dog toilet for housetraining your puppy

A soil-free dog toilet makes housetraining easy

Effective & Intuitive

Housetraining your puppy using our real grass dog patch taps into their natural instincts to use grass as a toilet. Transitioning to outdoors is easy.

Piddle Patch taps into your dog's natural instincts to toilet on grass


Piddle Patch and its packaging are made from natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials. We are committed to environmental sustainability.

No soil in grass dog toilet

Dog Safe

Our real grass dog toilet contains no soil, ensuring no muddy paw prints are tracked through your home. Our grass contains no pesticides or chemicals.

A soil-free grass dog toilet is convenient

Convenient & Easy

Our grass is harvested fresh to order and delivered to your door. Order one, or sign up for a subscription to fit your busy lifestyle.

Helpful customer service

Made with love

Each Piddle Patch is grown for 14 months and harvested fresh to order. Our friendly customer service team is on hand to offer support.

Dogs love our real grass toilet & you will too!

Dogs love the smell of fresh grass, which makes house-training a puppy a simple and, for many, intuitive process when using our real grass dog toilet. 

It’s like bringing in a little piece of the outside-in for your puppy.

Our grass is grown here in the UK in a liquid retentive mat, made from recycled textiles, instead of soil. This helps to extend the lifespan of our grass and ensure no muddy paw prints are tracked through your home.

We also grow our grass without the use of pesticides and chemicals to ensure the safety of your pup and your family. 

Dog owners across the UK are learning that there is a better, more natural and intuitive way to housetrain a puppy. 



Piddle Patch
is the ideal solution for


Teaches your pooch to relieve themselves on grass only.

Apartment-DWELLING Dogs

Ideal for dogs without access to a yard or grassy area.

Rain cloud

FUSSY Piddlers and Poopers

Preferred by dogs who won’t go out in the rain or snow.

Fussy Piddlers

Small Bladders

A natural area for dogs who need regular toilet breaks.

Poorly Pooches

Helpful for dogs recovering from surgery or illness.

Piddle Patch

The natural way

to housetrain a puppy

Did you know that puppy pee pads can take up to 500 years to degrade in landfill?

New puppies can pee every 2-3 hours, which means in your first week as a new puppy owner you could send over 80 non-degradable puppy pads to a landfill.

Piddle Patch has been created to meet the needs of pups and the planet alike.

Our fresh grass dog toilet is grown in a natural and biodegradable liquid-retentive mat, instead. of soil, to extend the lifespan of the grass and prevent muddy paw prints from being tracked into your home.

Our Piddle Patches are harvested fresh for your order.

They are free of plastics, pesticides and chemicals, so you can rest assured knowing you’ve got the best housetraining tool for your puppy and your household. 

The UK’s original real grass dog toilet

As seen on BBC Dragons’ Den

At Piddle Patch, we believe housetraining a puppy should be a natural and effective process, free of chemicals, plastics, and toxins.

Our soil-free, real grass dog toilet is developed with your puppy and our planet’s welfare in mind.

Our aim is to make housetraining your puppy stress-free and simple.

In 2022, we were featured on BBC Dragons’ Den, where four out of five dragons offered to invest in the Piddle Patch mission!

Today we remain a small business with big ideas and a passion for helping you housetrain your puppy naturally and effectively.

Dragons' Den photo of Rebecca Sloan

What do the reviews say?

With hundreds of five-star reviews, Piddle Patch is loved by new puppy owners all over the UK

Piddle Patch reviews

Couldn't recommend it More

“Piddle Patch has been the most consistent product we purchased for our new puppy, and we couldn’t recommend it more! The service is always spot on, helping with pausing services when needed, and the product itself is always top quality. We used the patch for initial training and kept for emergencies (we live in a flat!) and our pup took to it immediately. A must-have for all new dog owners.”

– Jess

Piddle Patch reviews

Great for puppy housetraining

“Piddle Patches are great for puppy house training. Piddle Patches are lovely and soft, and the real grass makes it enticing for your puppy to toilet in the right place. We only have a small yard, with no garden outside, and the Piddle patches are a great, no-mess alternative to turf, which I’ve placed on top of gravel. My pup now has a collection of them lined up together, like a green, red carpet!”

– Helen

Piddle Patch reviews

Fast to learn & No more accidents

“I was amazed at how fast my puppy learned how to use the Piddle Patch, it was days and she knew where to go. I live in an apartment on the 6th floor and my puppy did not like the “usual” training pads, she wanted grass, one of my neighbours suggested I look into buying a Piddle Patch for her and I am so grateful she did. It’s an excellent product, the puppy loves it and no more accidents! Thank you!”

– Lisa