Toxin Free Puppy Pads – Chemical Free Grass Patches

Toxin Free Puppy Pads – Chemical Free Grass Patches

Real grass puppy training pads have a lot of benefits over traditional training pads and artificial turf. They’re more intuitive, easily biodegradable and can speed up the toilet training process.

But another particular benefit of Piddle Patch products is that they’re toxin and chemical free, something that’s really important to us and incredibly important to the health of your pup.

We want to talk about toxins and puppy pads and the steps we’ve taken to make sure ours are safe.

Are There Toxins and Chemicals in Artificial Turf Pads?

Artificial turf pads may look like grass, but they’re made from synthetic materials (typically from polyethylene and polypropylene). These pads are mass produced in factories and made from chemicals and plastics.

And we all know our furry friends are often partial to chewing on, well, pretty much anything. You’ve probably witnessed your own pup eating a good mouthful of grass when out for a walk and you often see dogs chewing artificial grass too. However, this is made of synthetic materials which, if swallowed, won’t be easily passed and cannot be digested. So there’s a risk it might cause your pup some tummy troubles while it passes.

Toxins in Traditional Puppy Pads

With textile or paper pads there are lots of different options on the market. Most have some form of plastic backing so that you can fold it up and dispose of it without touching the soiled material. And from there, they’re typically made up of layers.

Some puppy pads use paper tissue and absorbent fluff like material that turns urine to gel. Some use things like baking soda or even charcoal to help keep them free of bad smells.

We believe that any puppy pad on the market should be “toxin free”. We all know pups have a tendency to chew things, so we believe strongly that there should be nothing inside puppy pads that could cause them any problems. Sadly, research shows that any products made with plastics as likely to come with “hidden risks.” You may be able to trust yourself not to chew your plastic products, but we all know pups love a little nibble on pretty much anything.

Steps We Take to Keep Our Real Grass Patches Toxin Free

Our patches are made from natural materials, not synthetic ones. But we’ve gone even further than that to make sure our real grass puppy pads are safe for your furry friends.

Here’s what we do:

  • We make our pads soil free 
  • We make sure all of our pads are completely free from pesticides and chemicals
  • We make sure they’re free of wildflowers and shamrocks which can be toxic to dogs if they eat them
  • We grow our grass with the utmost care over a period of 14 months to ensure a strong and resilient grass product
  • Our grass is grown using Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) principles, to ensure sustainable farming practices that enriches the local environment 
  • We carefully source our materials and packaging and work closely with other British businesses to deliver a high quality product to you
  • We grow our grass in textiles diverted from landfill, instead of soil, as this helps to extend the lifespan of the grass and prevent muddy paw prints from being tracked in the house. At the same time, it also helps to reduce waste and lower the carbon impact these materials would otherwise have if they were sent to landfill
  • We harvest each Piddle Patch fresh to order to ensure the freshest grass is always delivered to your door

We’re always happy to chat about the safety of our patches. So if you’ve got any questions at all, do get in touch!