Coby loves his Piddle Patch. Best thing ever for training pups!

Kady McDermott – Love Island

Oh my goodness awesome invention! Baxter will only pee and poop on grass. He’s so fussy!

Kate Lawler – Virgin Radio DJ

Monkey is loving his Piddle Patch! Perfect idea for training pups!

Georgia Kousoulou – The Only Way Is Essex

Kate Brewster, 4 September 2018

We have had our puppy for a week. I was so concerned as living in a London flat is not ideal! However, our puppy immediately went to the toilet on piddle patch! Hardly any accidents and not even used a puppy pad yet! Piddle Patch is a life saver for City living! Thanks Rebecca for such amazing service. You have made our life very easy and for that we are truly grateful!!

Ayesha Obi, 10 July, 2018

The service and product piddle patch have offered has been superb. I subscribed as my puppy was undergoing a new vaccination treatment which meant he could not potty outside for 5 weeks. As he has now completed his vaccinations he is able to return to doing his business outside therefore we no longer require the piddle patch. It has been super convenient and made the last month very easy for me and my pup who instantly took to the patch as he recognised the texture and smell of the grass.

Thank you piddle patch for your wonderful customer service.

Zoe Frantzi, 10 May 2018

Our little pup (5months) loves his piddle patch! We introduced this to him around 3 months as we live on the 8th floor and wanted to have a potty area for our pup for cases of emergency. Initially we had some trouble getting him to use it as he was used to the potty pads. We started to only treat him when he was using the piddle patch and got rid of all of our potty pads. By 4 months, we had no potty pads and no accidents in the flat! We are very happy with the piddle patch and also with the people that run it. Special thanks to Rebecca for her great service! Piddle patch definitely helped with our potty training, we love it.

Sue Sadler, 3 May, 2018

Mabel have been easy to toilet train with her Piddle Patch. It’s an easy solution for your doggies toilet needs if you are living in an apartment like me. Great service and product. Well done Rebecca.

Denise Brett Fisher, 18 August 2017

I am 2 days into having a new puppy, Jasper. He is 8 weeks old (Australian miniature Ladradoodle) and cannot go outside for 4 weeks (until fully vaccinated). I wanted real grass for him, while indoor training, to make the move to outside easier. Having looked for ages for a uk supplier, I found Piddle Patch and ordered a box for his arrival (2 days ago). I placed the order for arrival 5 days before his arrival, but Rebecca quickly said she could change it to the day he arrived, sent me grass care instruction and welcomed me into being a dog owner. The grass arrived on the day requested, was fresh and a lovely addition to my house. Jasper fell in love with it immediately and slept on it, played on it and is now doing almost all his toilet needs on it. After 2 days and only 8 weeks old, I am amazed. If I could give 6 stars, I would. Am ordering a weekly box, and although looking forward to being able to go outside, am happy to spend 4 weeks inside training my lovely puppy on Piddle Patch.

Keri Danielle Mason, 17 August 2017

Our 11 month old puppy, Buzz, had to have surgery on his leg and then restricted activity during his recovery. It’s been 5 days since the op and Buzz was getting a bit down being cooped up. Since his patch arrived his mood and appetite has been boosted up again, he’s used it quicker and better than any puppy pad. His tail literally has not stopped wagging.

Ben Downward, 6 April 2017

Overjoyed! Puppy training stress free a instant hit with my 8 week old Khaleesi. No more mess. No more puppy pads in four days! Now to train her not to eat the curtains.

Bexy Torrens, 19 October 2017

I tried a prototype of the piddle patch and it was wonderful. My 2.5yr old chihuahua took to it straight away and loved it, he knew exactly what it was for. He’s always used puppy mats but sometimes goes to near the edge after all the circling and misses it. This didn’t happen with the piddle patch as it is raised up a bit so he circled within it. It looked nicer, smelt nicer and lasted over 3 weeks with a little watering, despite being under my kitchen table so not getting the light. I’m disabled which is why my boy has puppy mars to use when I can’t get up and let him out. Not having any accidents to clean up was a godsend! Plus my boys feet you to get wet with the mats which he hated, it never happened with the piddle patch as it soaks down straight away, so no more having to clean his feet everyone he went for a wee! I would highly recommend these products we got on great with it and it was perfect for me in the house not having to keep picking up and putting down mats over the time it lasted for, which from a wheelchair is quite awkward! Well done piddle patch on a clever bit of kit that does the job great.

Nina, 25 October 2017

I love Piddlepatch! It’s worked really really well and my 6 year old Maltese prefers using it over puppy pads. There’s no seeping (even after 3 weeks) and the grass absorbs all waste and odours. My dog knew exactly what to do with it the moment it arrived, so no long training sessions necessary! I’m a regular buyer of this, it’s honestly made my life tons easier!

Phil B, October 3, 2017

The Piddle Patch was great for George (a pug) when he was a young puppy. Our office is on the 4th floor and so it really helped us! Now George is 7 months old he has decided that vertical objects such as walls and lamp posts are more his thing, but up until now he regularly used the Piddle Patch

Sille Memhave, 22 September 2017

Audrey loves her Piddle Patch! Perfect for inner city pups.

Cameron Judd, 21 October 2017

Great product. My dog loves to use the piddle patch. The fresh grass doesn’t smell like astro turf does after a few used. As I use it outdoors on a patio and find the real grass also doesn’t attract foxes.

Elizabeth Christie, 12 December 2017

Wilbur (mini daxie) realised straight away at 9 weeks old this was somewhere to pee.. First inside, and now out on my balcony. His preferred toilet spot, he is out and done in less than a minute. It seems to have helped him understand grass is the place to go despite being an urban dog! I find they last more than 2 weeks but maybe as using outside. I did have problems with him chewing the box for the first 1 or 2 but not any more.

Charlotte – 24 November 2017

Piddle patch has been a life saver! We live in an 8th floor flat with a balcony and can’t always get our puppy down and outside in time for the toilet. Piddle patch has helped teach him to go on the grass and given him somewhere nice to go on the balcony. His first Piddle Patch he didn’t take to – ripping it up daily; but after a couple of weeks of training he was using it happily! We purchased our first piddle patch on 9th October and although it’s now quite dead it could still be used, making them amazing value for money. Ordered another on 17th November and Rebecca was amazing with changing details on my order after I messed up my delivery address. Brilliant product and wonderful customer service. We will definitely be long term users of Piddle Patch!

Cameron Judd, 21 October 2017

Jack loves his piddle patch, the fresh grass does not retain any smell. I found with using fake grass it attracted foxes also which meant it had to be replaced frequently. I keep the piddle patch outdoors on my patio so it lasts a little longer.

Melanie McCaw, 16 March 2017

I was lucky enough to win a piddle patch in the Valentines Day giveaway and I’m so glad I did! My puppy Lola got on fantastic with it and it only took a couple of attempts for her to understand what it was for! A great alternative to puppy pads for toilet training.

Sophia Kerrison, 13 April 2017

My dog loves her new Piddle Patch!!! Such a fantastic idea! Clean, stylish, environmentally friendly and much more fun! Thank you!!!!

Eloisa Angeles, 12 March 2019

As an apartment dweller, I would not have been able to train Lyanna as quickly to learn how to eventually eliminate outside (when she is able to, post-vaccinations) without Piddle Patch! Highly recommended for puppy parents in flats!

Marlene Schafer, 3 May 2019

Due to our slightly unconventional garden access, the piddle patch has been a great way to teach Max toilet training. I did not want to use puppy pads and with Piddle Pad it was really easy to train Max to ‘go potty’ – he just seemed to instinctively use the grass for conducting his business! What a great product and great service – the product was delivered on time every time.